Americas Power Partners Inc. (APP)  is engaged in the business of energy generation,  primarily utilizing cogeneration technologies.  APP will be focused in two separate, but related, initiatives.  The  first is to develop domestic industrial cogeneration plants which produce electricity and thermal energy for sale under long term contracts with industrial and commercial users, power wholesalers and public utilities.  APP will target the middle market by developing projects of 100 MW or less, many of which will be under 50 MW.

The second initiative is to develop smaller, inside the fence, projects under its Utility Optimization and Monetization product lines.  APP, with its strategic partner, Armstrong Service, Inc. (ASI), will approach long term  Armstrong and other potential customers to conduct a thorough review of their utility generation infrastructure and systems.  If there exists an opportunity to reduce the customer's utility costs through system enhancements or replacements, APP and ASI will develop a comprehensive energy solution wherein APP will purchase existing utility and process assets in the plant, augment and upgrade these systems and manage and operate these process systems under long term contracts with the customer.


Management Team

         Gordon Mendelson

         Ty Christy

         Jerry Frett