Monetization Benefits


1. A capital payment will be made to the customer at deal closure for the existing asset.
2. The customer will maintain or reduce the current utility expenditures.
3. The customer will be billed for all utility services on a variable cost basis correlated to production units, if applicable.
4. All utility and system-saving opportunities will be pursued, implemented and shared with the customer.
5. Operations and maintenance risk can be transferred.
6. All utility bills will be reviewed and paid by APP. This procedure will ensure accurate billings for all utility providers. Any savings found in the review process will be passed directly to the customer.
7. At the end of the contract the improved power plant and system will transfer back to the customer.
8. The power plant and utility system will become "Best in Class," improving operations and reliability.
9. The customer can concentrate on its core business and be assured the complete power plant and utility system is at peak efficiency.
10. The project is developed completely on an "Open Book" basis.